Monday, February 20, 2012

Next Steps Roundtable weekend

The Next Steps Roundtable conversations were a good time. I was fortunate to share a room with Tim the Toy Man, Tim Kelly whose insights into the creative process of developing ideas for a variety of toys was of interest to all.

Regarding children's books...I shared what I felt was good and pertinent information from the SCBWI Conference the weekend before.  I scrambled to pull together a presentation and direct people to some appropriate links that helped to define and clarify some of the anticipated trends in that particular industry. We talked about traditional children's books, as well as eBooks and eEnhanced Books and various Apps that are beginning to garner attention.

Most of the questions from the Q&A pertained to what kind of portfolio should one put together (i.e. how many images; more than one style?, etc.)

Bottom line... I had a great time. Thanks to all of you that came to listen and did a great job of keeping a stimulating conversation going.


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