Friday, July 27, 2012

Well, it's been a while since I posted so I thought I'd clean up (and out) the studio, add some more work to my blog, and continue to get ready for the beginning of the academic year at Ringling.

Line is my favorite element...I feel like I'm in mine (element) when drawing, irregardless of which media I may choose to apply color.  I've included a few different approaches I take with line. The more traditional pen and ink also include the use of some ellipses and french curves to add a little different kind of structure to the drawing. There are some nature pieces of birds as well as some editorial pieces that include some short narrative. I've also included a few pages of simple little black and white spot illustrations. They're fun to do.

Color-wise,  the majority of work here is either watercolor or acrylic, although there's a digital piece thrown in as well. That's what I'm working on now...Photoshop. Will Terry, who visited Ringling last year as a guest artist,  shared some insights into ways that I can bring the dry brush texture I get with acrylics into my digital work, so I'm beginning to try to develop some pieces digitally. I'll post them if I ever figure things out.