Saturday, January 28, 2012

Afternoon Sessions at the SCBWI Conference

One of the big unknowns out in the world of books, whether they be novels, young adult, or children's picture books is; where is publishing heading? How will digital formats influence and change what we've grown accustomed to? Those and other questions were a part of the morning session and became the topic of one of the three break-out sessions I attended.

Rubin Pfeffer, an agent at East-West Literary Agency gave a great presentation about Ebooks, Enhanced Ebooks, and Apps and how new technology always creates new content and how we as illustrators fit into it. The general tone is that the genre is expanding and there will be new opportunities for the story to be developed and visualized. Just like when animation went from 2D to 3D, the question of the role of the illustrator came up. NOW where do we fit in the development pipeline? The technology changed and the role of the visionary changed. It didn't go away, it evolved. Pfeffer's comments stated the current evolution of things as truly revolution(ary).

It's all about STORY! Always was...always will be. But there are changes occurring that will expand the methods of delivery. Interesting times.

I'm going to go now and meet with some of the other illustrators at the conference. There's almost 500 of us here. Shouldn't be too difficult to find some...

More later.

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